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 True 2 Health

Are you sick and tired
of being sick and tired?

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Whether you’re looking for individual or group support, True 2 Health will direct you in a life-changing approach to health care.

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True 2 Health

True 2 Health was founded by Lori Stewart in 2016. Lori's passion is to help individuals reach their nutritional and lifestyle goals through:

  • Individual and group health coaching

  • Food allergy testing and analysis

  • Plant-based cooking classes

  • Healthy Catering Options

  • Disease prevention

  • Weight loss

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Our Services

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply feel like learning something new about yourself and nutrition, then True 2 Health offers several programs for an individualized experience.
Take a look at what we offer to learn more.

Health Coaching

Making Appointments

With this service, you will find purpose, passion, and see foods in a whole new way. Ready to get started with one-on-one Nutritional Health Coaching with Lori?

Click below to schedule a consultation, or contact Lori personally at 678-776-7911

Discover what positive change really feels like.

Small Group

Hands-On Classes

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Our hands-on small group classes benefit those who want to learn, prepare, and create a plant-based lifestyle.

It’s time to transform your life, and True 2 Health is here to give you the tools you need in order to succeed.

Sign up for our next class. See below.

Food Allergy
Testing & Analysis

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Do you have a Food Allergy?

Most People don't realize they have a food allergy, they just know they don't feel good. Food allergies come with a multitude of symptoms from stomach aches, headaches, hives, rashes and more. Discover what food allergies might be causing you problems with a simple hair and saliva DNA test.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you Lori!!

Hey Lori - I may send you testimonials from time to time just to remind myself of what I have learned these past 6 months but here is a good one for you. Remember I said on Thursday I hit 162 on the scales? well Friday I weighed just for the heck of it (I was afraid I had gone up) AND I WAS AT 160!!!!! I'm not goin to weigh again until next weekend but still it made me so happy! I've started to really notice the slow progression lately and when I see it that motivates me to continue to eat clean even though I do "cheat" from time to time (like the smores I had when the power was out last Monday) but still, the more I eat clean the worse it affects me when I eat "not clean". this morning I woke up and  I felt so light, so different than I have in a long time. when I put on my yoga pants and looked in the mirror I could actually SEE a difference. When I sat down in the kitchen I didn't have that little Dunlap roll that sits just above the pelvic bone!!!
However my daughter has an event tonight and I helped her bake some sweets for it this afternoon. I ate 3-4 small cookies, like the size of a quarter, and one crescent roll. I knew better but at the time I didn't have the will power to not eat it. So here I am about 2 hours later and my stomach is very bloated, I'm nauseous and I just feel so heavy. Once again, a lesson learned that it may taste good going down but its not worth it later!
these little reminders are helping me to stay the course and soon Ill have my daughter baking healthy snack to take to her events!

Sandy Grubbs

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